Could you organise a Photo Shoot?

Could you organise a photo shoot? A day for families to come along, and have their portraits taken, in the local church hall, village centre or Scout hut? Would you like to earn something out of doing it? Well then read on, and we will explain.

Here at Oxfordshire Photographer, in the run up to Christmas, we have teams of photographers out and about covering a vast array of events and other photography tasks. One of these tasks is family portrait days that have been organised by local groups or individuals.

So how does it work?

Firstly, think about a location. A village hall, scout hut, church hall, function room or even a spare room in a pub can make great locations. Next, ask amongst your friends, and just check that there is a demand for it. Contact us, and get us booked in for the shoot. Some dates may not be available, so don’t confirm bookings on any venues until you’ve spoken to us.

Then, once a date and time is confirmed, tell all your friends and family about the day. Create an event on Facebook, and invite all your local friends. We normally spend about 20 minutes with each group of people, so don’t over book the day, or we won’t get everyone through. Once we know how long a venue is booked for, we can advise as to how many groups we will be able to cater for in that time period. If you have a lot of people to cater for, we can bring 2 studio’s, and 2 photographers. If needed, we can run up to 5 photographers and studio’s, depending on confirmed numbers and venue size.

We turn up on the day, and bring along all the studio equipment needed to make the day extra special. We take the pictures of all your invited friends and family, and these can be viewed and ordered on the day, as well as online.

For the person organising this, or the group that organises it, we offer a commission on all sales made! This commission can either be paid as cash, or as a credit against an order for our photography products.

So if you would like to raise some funds for yourself, a football team, a rugby team, a scout group, army cadets, or your favorite charity, contact us today and get booked in!


Please note: The hiring of any venue is the responsibility of the person organising the photo shoot.

We will help advertise the day, if needed, with posters and online campaigns.

If you need any help or assistance organising a day for us to attend, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help, and have lots of experience of organising and photographing events of all shapes and sizes.

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