Have a get-together portrait session for just £40!

This is an amazing offer from Oxfordshire Photographer, and it’s great in its simplicity!

The offer, find yourself a venue (your own home, a village hall, etc) where the photoshoot can take place. Contact us, to find a date that’s available, and when the venue is available. Once the date has been agreed, invite some friends to come along, and have a portrait session done all for £40!

What’s more, if more than 3 different individuals are having portraits taken, we will give the orgainser a 20% discount of any order they place for prints! Its really that easy.

We can even arrange to have Make Up artists, and hair stylists available on the day, at extra cost.

Following the shoot, all images will be available to view and purchase online in a safe and secure password protected gallery.

this is a great offer for a girls night in (or out), families, or just a group of friends, to come and have some fun, whilst being made to feel like a model.
We are not responsible for the hire costs of any venues, or any costs involved in organising this, other than our own.
The photographer will be in attendance for a maximum of 4 hours.
We reserve the right to amend or cancel this offer at any time.


Contact us today to book your shoot!

Here at Oxfordshire Photographer we really enjoy getting a good group image. Weather this is for a sports team, work colleges, school or college we put alot of time and effort in to ensure that the image is the best it could be.

Contact us today to see what we can offer you. There are certain occasions where we offer a commission on images sold, and it may cost you alot less than you think!

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Here at Oxfordshire Photographer, we believe in offering the best service, for the lowest possible price. Of course, if we could offer everything for free and still live, we would do, but in the real world that just isn’t practical.

That is why we charge a non refundable sitting fee for all our portrait shoots. This is to cover our initial costs, and also confirms you date and time of booking.

The sitting fee must always be paid prior to the shoot, and your shoot will not be confirmed until it has been received. Before charging this, we had a number of people who would book us, only to pull out at the last minute, or not turn up at all. This was just a small number of people.

We hope you understand why we have to make this charge.

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An example of Oxfordshire Group Photography. We cover Schools, colleges, Universities, Work Groups, Sports Teams, Military, Gatherings and much more

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